Project: Berkshire Food Co-op Market


Berkshire Food Co-Op


Outgrowing their previous location, cooperative food market Berkshire Food Co-Op became the anchor tenant for a new development right next door. General contractor and construction manager David J. Tierney Jr., Inc. invited The Dobbert Companies to participate as a major partner in this initiative.

Beginning early in the project, our team hit the ground running installing trench drains, floor drains, floor sinks and condensate drains for an extensive underground system of sewer waste and grease waste lines for the plumbing operations. After the floor was poured, we were able to install the rest of the plumbing infrastructure, the HVAC, and the most complex portions of the job, the energy management and refrigeration systems. Our talented team of technicians installed 25 tons of cooling for the six walk-in coolers and freezers and 19 refrigerated cases throughout the store.

Project Dates:

2018 to 2019


David J. Tierney Jr, Inc.