Project: Clubhouse, Siasconset Golf Club (Sconset Golf Course)


Siasconset Golf Club (Sconset Golf Course)


As Wikipedia mentions, “Siasconset Golf Club, also known as the Siasconset Golf Course and commonly shortened to Sconset Golf Course, is one of the easternmost golf courses in Massachusetts, perched on the edge of Nantucket Island in Siasconset, Massachusetts.”  The Sconset Golf Club also manages the U.S.’s oldest continuously operating golf clubhouse.

This very popular, much-loved clubhouse was in need of a serious upgrade because of the constant “wear and tear” on the facility.  The Dobbert Companies team was chosen to install and upgrade the HVAC and plumbing solutions for the building.

Scope of work:

HVAC, Plumbing

Project Dates:

2013 to 2014


Winston Builders