Project: Linde Center for Music and Learning at Tanglewood, Ozawa Gate House


Tanglewood Music Center


The Boston Symphony Orchestra and performers such as John Williams and Yo-Yo Ma make their summer home in the Berkshires at Tanglewood. The Dobbert Companies has been entrusted as the “go-to” contractor for testing and inspecting the sprinkler systems throughout the Tanglewood campus, as well as acting as the service contractor for the organization’s plumbing and HVAC systems.

When Tanglewood embarked on a $33M expansion, The Dobbert Companies team was also invited to work on their plumbing and fire protection systems. Our work included a dry sprinkler system spread out over four buildings, with sprinkler heads “disappearing” into the slat ceilings. Plumbing systems included group public bathrooms, private bathrooms with showers for the performers, and two commercial kitchens. In addition, we provided the plumbing, bathroom ventilation, and HVAC for a 20-toilet stall restroom and ticket sales office at the women’s bath house located at the Ozawa Gate.

Scope of work:

Fire Protection, Plumbing

Project Dates:

2017 to present


Consigli Construction