Project: Living Building, Hitchcock Center for the Environment at Hampshire College


Hitchcock Center for the Environment at Hampshire College


Founded in 1962, The Hitchcock Center for the Environment “connects people with nature and encourages a deeper emotional bond with the natural world that sustains us all.”  In 2015, the Center signed a 95-year ground lease with Hampshire College with plans to build a “living building.”

The Dobbert Companies came highly recommended to the developers for this project because of our experience in “living building” initiatives (based on the most rigorous green building certification in the world, the Living Building Challenge). The Dobbert Companies was privileged to lead the HVAC and plumbing aspects of this project. This is only the 23rd building in the world and the fourth in Massachusetts to achieve the “Certified Living Building” designation.

This project is designed to model systems in nature with net zero energy and water including a rainwater collection and filtration system for potable water, composting toilets, and ultra-high-efficiency HVAC systems.  The property was constructed with responsibly-sourced, non-toxic materials. The Hitchcock Center uses the building as a teaching tool for sustainable engineering and design curricula, net-zero energy and water programming, and more.

Scope of work:

HVAC, Plumbing

Project Dates:

2015 to 2016


Wright Builders, Inc.